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Five ways you could be damaging your skin without knowing it

Five ways you could be damaging your skin without knowing it

Nailing your skincare routine can be a lengthy process, as we are all different and our skin can be sensitive towards any number of things. We’re all aware that factors such as lack of sleep, smoking, and eating unhealthily (to name just a few) are all negatively impacting our skin. Yet, there are certain everyday activities we all do that can unknowingly cause our skin distress.

Product overload

Using too many products, particularly on your face, can lead to ‘product overload’ where your pores become congested. The face can become oily and sticky as the products are just sitting on the surface of the skin. In certain cases, it may also result in dryness and irritation due to an overload of products, and you may even notice worsened breakouts. Keep your skincare routine stripped back to a few quality products, rather than trying to pile it all on.

Taking frequent long hot showers

Although winding down at the end of an evening with a long hot shower can do wonders, it could actually be causing your skin some unwanted damage, particularly if this is your second or maybe even third shower of the day. Frequent long hot showers can strip away the outermost layer of the epidermis. This can lead to dry and flaky skin, which will accelerate the ageing process of the body. Perhaps keep it at one shower a day using lukewarm water instead and use a moisturiser after to help avoid dry skin. 

Stress and burnout

Stress causes a chemical reaction that actually makes our skin more sensitive and reactive. Hormones like cortisol tell your skin glands to make more oil and, as a result, your skin becomes oily, making it more prone to acne and other related problems. Taking more time out for yourself is crucial; if you feel like you’re struggling from the physical effects of stress and burnout, why not look into natural ways of helping to relieve it.

Eating too much sodium

Too much salt in your diet can cause the body to store water at an unhealthy rate. This can cause the skin to become puffy, and you may also develop bags under your eyes. In some cases, the oil glands try to compensate for dehydration, which can cause dry and cracked skin, leading to breakouts. Avoid eating excessive amounts of smoked, cured or salted meats as well as frozen breaded meats and meals, such as burritos and pizza.

Don’t over-exfoliate

Although exfoliating once in a while is great for removing any dead skin cells, over-exfoliating can actually rob your skin of its natural oils. Without these natural oils, your skin can breakout and become irritated, so be sure to only exfoliate on the odd occasion, or when you can tell that your skin really needs it.

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