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Four Herbal Heroes That Can Boost Your Energy and Mood Post-Lockdown

Four Herbal Heroes That Can Boost Your Energy and Mood Post-Lockdown

If you’ve not come across adaptogens before, they’re a special group of herbal pharmaceuticals that work to counteract the effects of stress on the body. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Modern science has confirmed many of their benefits through clinical research, showing that adaptogens can improve cognitive performance and memory, enhance endurance, as well as boost energy, immunity, and our resilience to stress.

As we slowly begin to make our way out of lockdown, many of us have noticed that our sleeping patterns are all over the place, we’re lacking in energy, and our mood is affected as a result.

Ashwagandha is the key to stress

Not only that, it helps regulate cortisol, the stress hormone in the brain, which can be helpful in terms of alerting us to threats and dangers. However, in modern day-to-day living we rarely encounter this and as a result, cortisol can be released in less ‘dangerous’ situations, such as an unexpected deadline with work. Adaptogens like ashwagandha help to regulate the release of cortisol and prevent it from doing long-term damage to our health.

Ginseng will boost your energy levels

Siberian ginseng is known to promote energy as well as helping to fight fatigue in the process. Whilst not everyone may feel these effects, it’s good for younger people who need that extra bit of support when going through stressful periods, like exams for example. 

Arctic Root is the one for your mood

Otherwise known as rhodiola, this adaptogenic herb has reportedly helped those experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It essentially helps to balance brain chemicals, such as serotonin – also known as the ‘happiness molecule’. if you are taking arctic root, it’s recommended that you do so before midday.

Turmeric for the soul 

High in flavonoids and with over 6,000 clinical studies attesting to its ability to protect and nourish the body, turmeric helps to prevent signs of ageing, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, heals wounds and protects the liver and bowels. It has gained the reputation of one of nature’s most potent remedies for many of today’s health challenges.

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