Curcuma Drops

A herbal adaptogen formula that will help get your digestive system back on track, boost your immune system, help clear your respiratory system, clear metabolic toxins from your body, and bring comfort to tense muscles and reduce exercise-related temporary pain.


Curcuma raises the metabolism to eliminate toxins and ensure efficient digestion of food. It has a stimulating and heating effect on the body improving digestion and reviving, weakened organ function.


How to use: Squeeze 20 drops under your tongue or add to any drink of your choice.

Alcohol Free. Additive Free. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. No Preservatives. Kosher. Vegan.

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Relight Your Fire

Digestion is disturbed by many different factors, such as irregular eating, over-eating, anxiety, over-exertion and eating of heavy or indigestible foods. When the digestive fire is low, food is not properly metabolised and cannot be converted into nutrients that can be absorbed into the body.


Curcuma helps to reignite your fire.

Key Benefits

Our formula improves digestion, overall energy levels, and healthy detoxification.

Turmeric Root - helps with gut inflammation and gut permeability

Cinnamon Bark - prebiotic properties help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and help suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria

Ginger Root - aids digestion through beneficial effects on the enzymes trypsin and pancreatic lipase


INGREDIENTS*: Turmeric Root, Black Pepper Seed, Cinnamon (Cassia) Bark, Ginger Root, Rosemary Leaf, Sage Leaf.


OTHER INGREDIENTS: USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin and Purified Water


*All ingredients are organic and ethically wild harvested.

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