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Also known as “Indian Ginseng”, this adaptogen root has been used for centuries as a non-toxic ingredient that aids against stress.


Astragalus has been used for centuries in helping the body restore and repair. Astragalus contains polysaccharides, which are digestible carbohydrates that may help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels in already healthy individuals.

Chaga Mushroom

In Asian culture, the Chaga Mushroom is a powerful food ingredient used to support a healthy immune system response. Chaga is believed to fight inflammation, lower blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, and arthritis. Unlike other mushrooms with gills or caps, the Chaga has pores and is irregularly formed looking much like a burnt piece of charcoal.

Cordyceps Mushroom

This mushroom isn’t psychedelic, but can rock your world with its stress reducing nutritional profile. In the wild, Cordyceps are pretty rare, and are found at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Due to this rarity they were commonly reserved for royalty. Cordyceps will get you in tip top shape from enhancing cognitive function, keeping that mind sharp, to overall muscular tone and athletic recovery.

Gotu Kola ingredient

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a rejuvenative nervine, it is often recommended for balancing the nervous system. Gotu Kola leaf & root contain key constituents that help the body to maintain healthy neurotransmitter function, while also promoting normal levels of mental alertness and a sound memory.

Eleuthero Root

Also known as Siberian Ginseng, has been an herb occupying a significant place in Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an adaptogen. Russian and Korean folk medicine have also used Eleuthero for several purposes, including using it to increase stamina, promote mental health and also to promote overall health.

Lions Mane

Lions mane extract is packed full of therapeutic polysaccharides and bioactive pure compounds. It has neuroprotective, mood and cognitive enhancing properties.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is known as the mushroom of immortality & longevity, one of the most popular traditional medicines throughout Asia, it has been used for medicinal purposes for over 2000 years. The health benefits of Reishi include its modulation of the immune system, control over blood sugar levels, heart tonic, anti-inflammatory circulatory stimulant and a general health tonic.


Also known as 'Golden Root'. Rhodiola provides benefits to the nervous system, increasing alertness, reducing fatigue, increasing stamina and improving memory.

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry provides strong effects on mental performance, studies have highlighted Schisandra’s ability to support biological processes to increase energy and endurance levels as well as enhancing cognitive function.


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